Quality design work pays for itself.

An authentic brand, a compelling campaign, or an enticing package can be the difference between sink and swim for businesses and non-profits alike. While these may seem like mere operating costs to some, their staying power and impact suggest they are much more akin to investments.

For my part, I'm not looking to provide a drive-thru window experience. Hopefully this is the first course of a farm-to-table dinner and the beginning of a long-term collaboration [cut to release of doves].

So, despite the ambiguity, there is a formula at work here. Once we determine the general scope of work, I will factor in the size of your team of stakeholders, the relative urgency of our proposed timeline, and the costs of other resources required.

We can always consider ways to accommodate financial realities by spreading the work out across multiple phases, or by focusing on addressing the work with the largest potential impact. Some clients may opt to use the proposals to leverage grants or investments to fund the work, though for most this is simply a matter of finding the right designer for an important project whose time has come (or is long overdue!).

Running a volunteer-powered project?

I offer a limited amount of pro bono consultation each year to deserving clients. The availability of this work fluctuates depending on work load and is most likely to be rewarded to volunteer-run projects that serve progressive causes for social justice, environmental protection and sustainability. Get in touch with me, and we can begin the process of assessing the fit and my capacity.

Rather figure this out over coffee? Me too.